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Handmade in "Deutschland"

Grand Luxury Edition by MyKuckoo

The Grand Luxury edition by MyKuckoo is a traditional, handmade cuckoo clock from Germany, customized with more than thousand high quality "Swarovski®“ crystals and gold ornaments.

Every MyKuckoo clock is a unique limited masterpiece of art

and can further be individually customized to customer´s request.


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Tel.: +49 - 163 612 8332


Historical Background

For centuries the everyday life of Germans living in the Black Forest has been in harmony with their nature, local traditions and they have deep roots with their homeland.

Hunting has always played an important role in their lifes.

As soon as the first glint of sunlight appears over the densely wooded mountains of the Black Forest, the hunter wakes up to go on his hunt through the dark and deep forest. He feels the energy of the surrounding nature and hears the sounds of the

cuckoo birds accompanying him during the early hunt.

This is how the Cuckoo Clock has found it´s natural way into the

culture of the Black Forest region!

The Cuckoo Clock became a distinctive piece of German tradition and cultural heritage, created by local craftmanship in a unique combination of wood and mechanics.


Over the centuries and still today the cuckoo clock has its place in every home in the

Black Forest region of Germany.

The stags head with his impressiv horns at the top of the cuckoo clock symbolizes

the tradition of hunting.

The call of the proud cuckoo bird reminds the people of their old customs and their unique culture.


Founders of MyKuckoo


Manuela Richter was born in the Black Forest. She foundet the company "MyKuckoo"

with her friend Katrín Björg Weskamp.

They have taken up the cenuries-old-traditions of their ancestors.

With "MyKuckoo" they combine hand-made and customized traditional art

with luxurious and modern design.


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