About Mykuckoo

About MyKuckoo

Was makes us unique?

We give traditional home accessories a new, contemporary look.
Our cuckoo clocks come from a traditional manufacturer from the Black Forest

and are lovingly hand-painted in our workshop:

Quality Made in Germany

All of our products can be made to individual customer requirements
- Your creativity knows no boundary!
We think about our environment and re-use all packaging materials in our workshop.

The MyKuckoo - Team

Manuela Richter 


"During my Business studies, I was very interested in the area of entrepreneuship and was invalved in various student groups consintrating on start-up projects. MyKuckoo is for me the perfect way to combine my work with the love I have for my home".

Katrín Weskamp


"I have been interested in art and design since I was young. With MyKuckoo I can let my creative side blossom and freely  develop new ways for the cuckoo clock to shine. I love trying out new things and make the customers wishes come true."

The Idea of MyKuckoo

The founder Manuela comes originally from the Black Forest region and moved few years ago to the Rhineland to study. She quickly settled into her new hobe but continued to feel strong bond with her home town. This connection with her home brought her the idea to redesign a traditional cuckoo clock in a colorful way to mach her modern city appartment. This unusal home accessory did not go unnoticed for a long time. This pretty clock immediately impressed her friend and co-founder Katrin.

Together the friends collected colorful and modern design ideas for the traditinal cuckoo clock and in October 2016 they put their ideas into practice and founded MyKuckoo.

This is how our clocks are made:

Our clocks are traditionally made in the Black Forest

Sent to our Workshop in Düsseldorf

Lovingly Hand-painted by us. We continue to use the original packaging material for ecological reasons

Sent to our customers with tracking number

Delivered to our satisifed customers

We ship worldwide!

Our clocks have already found a new home at those locations!